Lola and the Boy Next Door ~ Stephanie Perkins

Date Completed: 4/8/2017 Rating: 8/10 Another guilty pleasure read, and the sequel to Anna and the French Kiss, Lola and the Boy Next Door left me tingling with anticipation over such an innocent romance. Cliche as all get out, of course Lola's current bad boy rockstar boyfriend is not the one she's meant to be … Continue reading Lola and the Boy Next Door ~ Stephanie Perkins

Gem and Dixie ~ Sara Zarr 

Date Completed: 4/9/2017 Rating: 8/10 This is the beautiful story of two sisters, living a life neither of them are totally happy with. Gem and Dixie's story is told from Gem's point of view, and Gem only gradually explains her family history. A high schooler, Gem lives at home with her mother and sister. She … Continue reading Gem and Dixie ~ Sara Zarr 

Where’d You Go, Bernadette ~ Maria Semple

Date Completed: 4/4/2017 Rating: 8/10 This was a fun, light-hearted readthat really delves into the family drama of living with different types of mental illness. Samples writing style was entertaining as she switched between narrative, letters, emails, lists, and more. This kind of a style is captivating when trying to uncover a mystery, and I … Continue reading Where’d You Go, Bernadette ~ Maria Semple

Born for Life ~ Julie Watson Date Completed: 3/28/2017 Rating: 6/10 Watson's memoir takes us through midwifery/maternity nursing from the 1970's until early 2000's, and her perspective is full of compassion. Watson is very open with her ignorance throughout the novel, but in opening up her innocence, she shows readers all that she does know about the subject, which is … Continue reading Born for Life ~ Julie Watson