It Started with Goodbye ~ Christina June 


Date Completed: 4/2/2017

Rating: 7/10

While this book was incredibly cliche in a lot of ways, it was also very cute and a quick read. Let’s start with what I enjoyed about this book.

Tatum starts her summer off in a world of trouble. She is charged with aiding a thief, the boyfriend of her best friend, and ends up with community service for the summer. Her best friend gets shipped off to boarding school and her father heads out of the country for one of his frequent business trips that lasts a several months. So while her loved ones are off getting fresh starts, she’s stuck at home with her evil stepmother and stepsister. In case you haven’t gathered, this is essentially a very loose version of Cinderella.

I really enjoyed how June write about relationships in this book. Interacting with people doesn’t exactly come easy to Tatum, and she waffles back and forth between telling her stepmother the truth and totally disregarding her wishes. Tatum, as you may have surmised, is a pretty straight edge and low-key individual, not the rebellious teen she seems to be treated as.

I also enjoyed how cute the romance was between Tatum and her boy. They took turns romancing each other and I felt so fulfilled by their sweet flirtations. These are the kind of romance I crave and look for in YA.

Now, that being said, this was an incredibly cliche story. A reselling of Cinderella, of course we have the evil stepmother and stepsister. *SPOILERS BELOW* Of course she repairs both of those relationships, realizes that they weren’t evil after all, but simply misunderstood. And of course the boy she’s been flirting with all summer is the same boy she ran into at the beginning of the story as well. Why was she so surprised? We’re any of June’s readers surprised? I should hope not, unless you are an incredibly naive person. I myself often have a hard time picking up on clues, but this was foreshadowed so hard it felt impossible to miss.

I also didn’t appreciate the fact that Tatum seemed to be pulled by boys opinions and so severely swayed by SK’s gestures, etc. she swooned so hard it almost didn’t feel like that’s how it should go down. Ah well, I prefer my women clearly independent, but who am I to judge?

A simple and pleasurable read, I recommend giving this book a try! Publication date: May 9th!

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Christina June lives in DC and is a school counselor as well as a young adult novelist. You can read more about her on her website.

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