Lola and the Boy Next Door ~ Stephanie Perkins

Date Completed: 4/8/2017

Rating: 8/10

Another guilty pleasure read, and the sequel to Anna and the French Kiss, Lola and the Boy Next Door left me tingling with anticipation over such an innocent romance.

Cliche as all get out, of course Lola’s current bad boy rockstar boyfriend is not the one she’s meant to be with, yet of course she believes he is. And of course the long time love of her life moves back in next door, setting her heart ablaze with rekindled romance, but she’s got a decision to make and a lot of learning to do when it comes to relationships.

I really like Lola’s back story with her parents. As readers find out about her birth mother, Norah’s, less than ideal past and Lola comes to terms with the person Norah is presently, they develop a new appreciation for each other. I love the journey Lola goes through with her mother to rebuild some burned bridges, even if only partially.

Perkins does seem to call attention to the fact that Lola’s fathers are gay perhaps a bit too often. I can tell she’s being inclusive, but sometimes it’s like, okay, we get that they are both men and masculine and baking should not be described as purely feminine anyway, neither should watching figure skating or a whole bunch of other things that everyone equates with only one gender or the other.
However, the romance was pure bliss to read, and I could not put this down, even for 16 miles of hiking. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a light hearted and fast paced read.

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