Sleeping Giants – Sylvain Neuvel

Date Completed: 5/27/2017

Rating: 9/10

Another sci-fi book, Sleeping Giants is story of scientific discovery, and the lengths at which a team of American researchers will go to keep a big project under wraps. Without giving too much away, the story is formatted as files, primarily interview style files with the narrator, whose name is undisclosed, although some are diary entries or in other formats. A large hand was discovered, entirely composed of a heavy metal, upon which a team of scientists experiments to find out the exact composition.

They quickly realize that wherever the hand cane from, there’s more to be discovered, and set about developing a compound to help them uncover more pieces to the puzzle. Several theories are suggested, including the possibility of advanced life forms having left this object for the planet to use. However, as with many discoveries, the military becomes involved and want to see how they can utilize the object to their best advantage, and although it may prove to be designed for defense, military often thinks offensively, and seeks an option for offensive attacks.

Neuvel’s story is compelling, seeking to show the ultimately compassionate side of humanity by first revealing all of humanity’s lack of willingness to work together or support each other in any way. Characters change course throughout the novel, and I found that those I originally found kind often had a mean streak and vice versa.

The audiobook has a whole cast of voice actors performing the characters, as the bulk of the book is written in interview and dialogue sections. The voice casting worked really well for this story. Be warned, if you decide to listen to this book, there are some rather startling if predictable screams during the recording.


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