The World’s Strongest Librarian ~ Josh Hanegarne

Rating: 9/10

I picked this book off the shelf of my local library almost a year ago, and quickly reminded myself of all the other books accumulated on my shelf at home and put it back. However, now that I have no shelf and am constantly on the hunt for audiobooks through my library to keep me going over the next mountain range, I was able to pick this back up again.

Josh Hanegarne is funny. Similar to the book Look Me in the Eye by John Elder Robinson, Hanegarne approaches his memoir with humor and a healthy dose of information and reality regarding living his life with Tourette syndrome. I really loved his essays, and listening to them on audio was lovely as well.

This little diamond in the rough is mostly a memoir of growing up with Tourette’s as well as his experience with it as an adult and his fear for his children in present and future. He’s honest about the syndromes impact on his life, outlining some good and some bad. Likewise, I found his discussion of being raised Mormon, and the impacts both good and bad on his life to be informative. I know very little about LDS (Mormonism) or Tourette’s, and what better way to learn than a first person account?

As most book nerds, I also found great joy in the information gleaned about books and the library system. Hanegarne has been a librarian for a number of years, and has plenty of comical stories to share about what the library gets used for. For those of us who go in, get books or movies or what have you, and leave, many of these stories seem outside of what I would ever expect to take place in a library, so I’m glad I got a chance to hear such ridiculous stories. Definitely worth reading this book.

2 thoughts on “The World’s Strongest Librarian ~ Josh Hanegarne

  1. Sounds good, and I have this marked to-read on Goodreads 🙂 if you’re interested in learning about people with syndromes like that, I have just recently read The Boy Who Loved Too Much, it’s about Williams syndrome (genetic disorder) and it was very interesting. I’ll be posting a review this week and the book is coming out like next week. Meanwhile, maybe I can grab this one in my library… I’ll have to check if they have it.


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