The Dirty Life: on Farming, Food, and Love ~ Kristin Kimball

Rating: 7/10

I loved the story behind this memoir. What I didn’t love so much was Kimball’s writing style.

Kimball lived in New York in her early 20’s, a typical young life of work and going out to bars and coffee shops. However, when she meets Mark, a young farmer, her life takes a turn. He knows from the second he meets her that he wants to marry her, and their whirlwind romance quickly ends with them building a farm together and dropping all else.

Kimball’s memoir is a whirlwind, as it seems everything else in her life tends to be as well. She expects the reader to recall stories from many chapters ago, which in her case is a smart way of connecting the various components of her life. However, at the same time that method left her writing feeling choppy, without trajectory or flow.

I see a lot of myself in Kimball, as I’m growing older and falling more in love with the ideas that my boyfriend has been slowly coaxing me towards; ideas of living more sustainably off the land and in smaller houses with higher efficiency and functionality. This kind of a lifestyle, one of hard work and reward rather than instant gratification is surely appealing.

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