Sharp Objects ~ Gillian Flynn

Rating: ehhhh

Gillian Flynn did not inspire me with Sharp Objects like she did with Gone Girl. Sharp Objects is much more sinister and darkly twisted. I knew going into it, that this would be a dark mystery featuring an unreliable white female protagonist. However, I didn’t realize just how triggering this book would be.

The protagonist has all these cuts on her body that she keeps concealed from everyone, and she has a dark past that she doesn’t speak about, but remembers in flash backs throughout the story.

I felt sure from the first chapter that I knew who the murderer was. In fact, I almost put down the book during a particularly gut wrenching scene because I thought I knew how the story would turn out and that I didn’t need to continue. It’s worth it to continue. Although it’s difficult to see the protagonist turn more and more in circles as she is unable to prove what she knows or save herself, I ultimately found that it was worth it, of not enjoyable, to read this book through to the end.

That being said, this was not an easy book to read (or listen to, as I did). Flynn is very graphic in her descriptions of very triggering events, and I often had to take a pause on the book and listen to some comedy. Flynn’s writing ultimately sucked me into the story, and the flow of the story was masochistically pleasurable, in the sense that you can’t seem to turn away from such a gruesome disaster.

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