Manhood for Amateurs ~ Michael Chabon 

Rating: 9/10

I have only read a few of his books so far, including Summerland and Telegraph Avenue, but I have felt inspired to read more of Chabon since I finished the first book of his that I picked up. 

Manhood for Amateurs is a memoir/series of essays written about his experiences of boyhood and manhood. His take on everything is very feminist, and he calls himself and other writers out very specifically for not being able to write or draw strong female characters. He talks about strong characters he has known and admired, particularly a superhero Big Bertha. Chabon approaches his own faults with insight and grace, not to convince his audience of his greatness, but rather that we might be inspired to examine our own ways of thinking. I’m glad he writes this way, and glad too that he writes specifically with men in mind as the audience. 

For me, reassign this took on a more personal lens when I realized that his narrative style sounds like that of my favorite mentor. They write about similar subject matter, particularly comics and niche/nerdy aspects of pop culture, share an appreciation for feminism, and are eloquently able to write stories that are relatable. I could see my mentor writing a book similar to this, and in a way, that made me feel as though Chabon, too, became a mentor of mine in reading his memoir. 


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