Animal, Vegetable, Miracle ~ Barbara Kingsolver

Rating: 10/10

This book inspired me, for sure. I have only read one other of Kingsolver’s books so far, and that is The Bean Trees, which I also remember enjoying. I picked this book up on a whim, shortly after I started reading A Dirty Life, a farming memoir.

I was charmed by Kingsolver’s family approach to eating locally. I loved that she wrote narrative while her husband provided research based insights on the benefits of living locally and their eldest daughter gave her teen perspective and shared recipes and meal plans for weeks throughout the year. They bonded together in every aspect of the project, and the outcome was admirable. In fact, I feel so inspired, I’m planning to jump into living locally as I move north to Vermont. After hiking the Appalachian Trail where hardly any of the food that we eat is fresh, let alone local, I’m looking forward to being able to support local farms and work on my cooking skills to match.

In particular, I found her story about the turkeys to be one of the funniest stories included. She talks about turkey mating and the benefits of heritage breeds while also talking about the good and mostly bad aspects of standardized farming today. I had no idea that turkeys have forgotten how to mate!

Whether you’re a middle aged person, someone fresh out of college, or someone looking for a life advice, I feel like this book will suit your basic desires to return to the earth and remember how good fresh food can be.

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