The Princess Diarist ~ Carrie Fisher

Rating: 6/10

Oh, boy. I’ve been seeing and hearing about this book everywhere, so I was excited to pick it up. I love memoirs, I love Star Wars, I thought I’d be interested in what Fisher has to say. However, Fisher focused almost exclusively on her affair with Harrison Ford. I thought this was long speculated by fans and naysayers alike, so I’m not sure why she claims she’s revealing it all of a sudden? Did I miss something? Was I ahead of the game? However, with all her build-up to talking about the affair, she didn’t give out many gritty details, instead keeping the secret very vague.

Fisher spent most of the memoir discussing her own emotions as they related to Ford, which on one hand feels very appropriate and feminist, but on the other hand reading her thoughts and feelings on the matter (as recounted from her diaries during the filming of Star Wars Episode IV) was just very sad. She obviously felt anxious and depressed during that time, and her world (as she let readers see, at least) felt very focused on Ford.

After she got through that large chunk of the book (about 2/3 of saying the same thing over and over), Fisher went on to talk about how she hated signing things for the fans but how often she had to do it thanks to signing her rights away from the beginning when she thought it was just a low budget indie film that would never take off. In general, Fisher seemed very bitter about the whole experience.

I guess I was surprised by her whole outlook on Star Wars, as described in her memoir. I didn’t know much about Carrie Fisher, and this was a great and surprising look into her thoughts and opinions, and very personal. I’m intrigued in a way to read more of her outlook on the world in her other books, but for the moment I’m rather put off by how bitter her writing was. Although I may be snarky and sassy, I have a generally optimistic outlook on life, and her pessimistic one was hard to listen to.

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