The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P. ~ Adele Waldman

The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P.

Rating: 5/10

Well, this book was exactly as it sounds. The cover looked fun, and I often judge books by their covers, so I hoped I wouldn’t be too disappointed, but even so my expectations were dashed to pieces.

I expected short stories, but Waldman combined a series of romances together kind of sporadically, sometimes skipping around, and focusing most of the story on Nate’s final two relationships. In the end, Waldman did leave me feeling like there was a moral of the story, but I was also incredibly disappointed with how his relationships turned out. Waldman’s moral seems to be that the best relationship for one person may not be what you would expect to be the best relationship, so in a way, I suppose it’s something I needed to think about, no matter how disappointed I was that Nate didn’t change to make the relationship work out with the girl I wanted. Perhaps she’s seeking to remind us that everyone has a person that will work well for them, not necessarily the “ideal”.

Overall, I felt a little disgruntled by the ending, not sure that it was worth the read.

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