The Hating Game ~ Sally Thorne

This story lacks much depth. I’d heard good things about this debut, and although I found the story easy to read, I wasn’t impressed.

With all the hype, I expected some seriously good romance. Unfortunately, the nuances felt too tropey to me. Lucy and Josh are competitive coworkers, assistants to the CEO’s of their respective publishing houses that recently merged. They have very few friends, spend far too much time at work, and haven’t had romances since before the merge. In lieu of real relationships, they spend their time almost exclusively playing hating games with each other and kissing their boss’s asses. Eventually (predictably) they realize their attraction to each other, and Josh takes her to his brother’s wedding.

The unfolding events that lead to this discovery of mutual infatuation are far-fetched. The elevator scene, while clearly supposed to be steamy, did not make sense regarding where they were with their relationship. They clearly developed unhealthy relationships with each other since they didn’t have any other relationship, friendship or romantic, which they discuss with each other later on. However, while Lucy acknowledges that they shouldn’t have a workplace romance and one of them should quit to prevent that occurrence, she doesn’t seriously question why they have developed these feelings of attraction.

The transition from being workplace enemies to having each others’ backs also feels rushed and too familiar. They’ve spent very little time together outside of work by the time we get to the final family scene in which Lucy causes some serious drama, but I don’t even comprehend how she could possibly feel she has enough knowledge of the situation to tell someone off.

I suppose romance is generally supposed to move too quickly to have a relevant plot, and I’ve heard many people like the enemies-turned-lovers trope, so if these are elements you enjoy, you’ll probably have a fantastic time reading this book. It’s incredibly fast paced and keeps you hooked with anticipation of their budding romance. However, if you dislike tropey literature – steer clear!

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