Saga Vol. 3 ~ Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples

Saga, Vol. 3 (Saga, #3)

Skipping a little backwards in time, this volume covers what happened during the tail end of the last volume.  However, this time the storyline is ramped up a little more with even more violence and deaths of characters I’d become attached to. There was a little too much sexuality for my taste, but I appreciate the blunt humor Vaughn and Staples use to take their story to the next level.

Alana’s story is put on the back burner as we learn more about Marco’s family and some of the other side characters. There’s a lot to learn, as each character has his or her own set of customs and history, and I appreciate how fleshed most of the characters are. However, Gwendolyn remains rather one-dimensional, unfortunately. I’m hoping she’ll develop some depth in upcoming volumes.

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