The End We Start From ~ Megan Hunter

The End We Start From

Rating 1.5/5?

The main complaints I’ve heard about this novel are that the writing is too sparse and oddly chunked together. I would have to agree. I found this novel way to void of any descriptions that would attach me in any way to this novel.

None of the characters really have names, just a single initial to describe themselves. I was unable to feel any kind of attachment to any of the characters, and the protagonist drifts in and out of recognizable thoughts versus simply observations about the going-ons around her.

I suppose it’s science fiction, as in a dystopian future where some kind of war/environmental crisis is happening, but if Hunter gave us that information, I definitely missed it. They spend a lot of time in a refugee camp, but little is described about it other than the connections she makes there, and even those lines are not very clear. I imagine in part Hunter intends this book to be vague and wishy-washy because it seems to be a whirlwind of a crisis, so the storytelling itself mirrors how the main character might be feeling and experiencing the world. That being said, I couldn’t quite get into it. (I also can’t get into Cormac McCarthy, a similarly sparse author, so perhaps that’s on me and not this author.)

Thank goodness this book was so short. I was just intrigued enough by the novel to continue reading through to the end, but if it were any longer I definitely would not have finished it. The ending pleased me more than most of the rest of the book, a little more succinct, but still refusing to wrap up too many loose ends. However, there is a tinge of hopefulness that brings the ending together.

I received a copy of this book via in exchange for an honest review.

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