The Rules Do Not Apply ~ Ariel Levy

The Rules Do Not Apply

Rating: 3/5

As a journalist, Levy’s had quite the career in writing. This is also not her first rodeo as an author, although I believe it’s her first memoir. Levy writes with ease, although at times I struggled to piece together the jumbled train of her essays. I love that her memoir focuses on aspects of her more recent history, although she ties in elements of her past and her hopes for the future.

Levy’s stories of travel journalism struck me, as getting paid to write and travel is something I’ve always dreamed of, but never had the total ambition to manifest in my own life. Buoyed by her mothers continuous encouragement to live an independent life, free from being tied financially to another person, Levy made her way into the field of her choice. In this regard, she found success, but in many others, Levy finds she has tragedy and struggles of her own.

I believe many women could see themselves in this book, as Levy is adept at unveiling her thought processes, even if often her trajectory seems to stem from her immediate wants and desires. I found a lot of myself in her, as she writes of seeming like a fake within her niche identity. I often question myself and my own identities, judging my place in those groups of people, and have to remind myself that I belong in the places I feel most comfortable, regardless of labels.

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