Nimona ~ Noelle Stevenson

Rating: 5/5 Nimona is a wonderful story from Noelle Stevenson. A graphic novel/comic book about antiheros, Stevenson encourages readers to question where the line between good and evil is. Quirky and charming, Nimona's story has more than meets the eye. A story about friendship and family with big unfolding tales of betrayal, I'm so glad … Continue reading Nimona ~ Noelle Stevenson


The End We Start From ~ Megan Hunter

Rating 1.5/5? The main complaints I've heard about this novel are that the writing is too sparse and oddly chunked together. I would have to agree. I found this novel way to void of any descriptions that would attach me in any way to this novel. None of the characters really have names, just a … Continue reading The End We Start From ~ Megan Hunter