Ruin and Rising ~ Leigh Bardugo

Ruin and Rising (Grisha Verse, #3)

Rating: 3/5

I will continue my refrain: cliche as all get-out, but still thoroughly enjoyable if you’re looking for tropes of the genre. It’s like comfort food that satisfies a certain craving as long as you’re not looking to get anything new out of the series. Again, this series reminded me so much of ACOTAR (except ACOMAF is still by far the best book out of all of the options).

The beginning of the book was really weird. Alina’s at the White Cathedral with the Apparat, and the creepy culty feelings only got stronger throughout this part of her story. I spent a lot of time imagining how creeped out I would feel if people were proclaiming me a saint and keeping me locked up underground for my “protection”.

The romantic tension felt odd throughout the book, as if everyone should’ve moved past that by now, but it didn’t detract much from the overall experience of reading the book. I was kind of disappointed at how little time was spent talking about the grieving process considering how many characters died. Bardugo glanced over all of that, and I wonder if the book might have been stronger had she tackled global issues like how to grieve.

And the very ending made me feel very emotional (not sure if that’s from the book itself or the fact that I was reading it in the early hours of my Saturday morning before the sun had the chance to rise). In the end, I felt satisfied by what I was given.

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