Three Shadows ~ Cyril Pedrosa, Edward Gauvin

Three Shadows

Rating: 4/5

This lovely tale is one of loss and family, told in such a unique fantastical way, it’s sure to worm it’s way into your heart. Pedrosa’s graphic novel is a fantasy retelling in honor of the death of one of his friends’ sons who died at a young age. Pedrosa shows the process of grief as a tangible happening, rather than the hidden emotion it so often is. This story is sweet and innocent, a beautiful encouragement to love and let go, rather than let yourself be dragged down by grief.

Throughout the book, light-hearted interactions with strangers and passerbys help to both lighten the story and leave the main characters feeling connected to more than just their small family. They are not simply an island adrift, nor will losing one member leave them further isolated forever. This light-hearted community vibe becomes just another step in the grieving process, and Pedrosa develops this step with remarkable emotional intelligence.

I loved the fluidity of the scenes depicted in Pedrosa’s work. The characters are often in motion, as father and son spend most of the book running from the Three Shadows. There are far more images than there are words, but the images are able to speak volumes about the story, and therefore the story moves quite quickly. Although there were many pages, the story did not feel very long to me. Pedrosa moves from scene to scene with ease.


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