An American Marriage ~ Tayari Jones

Rating: 4/5 I'm not sure I enjoyed reading this book, but the experience of reading this was really good. Jones spins the story of a marriage that seems doomed nearly from the start. Celestial and Roy met in college, but didn't fall in love until after graduation. They stick together and get married, but tragedy … Continue reading An American Marriage ~ Tayari Jones

The Illustrated Man ~ Ray Bradbury

Rating: 3/5 This collection of short stories is science fiction, but in a lot of them there is a heavy element of psychological thriller. This thriller component is part of what makes Bradbury's writing exciting and why I believe he has had a large readership over time. These stories feel as if they could almost … Continue reading The Illustrated Man ~ Ray Bradbury

In the Country We Love ~ Diane Guerrero

Rating: 4/5 While not poetic in the slightest, Guerrero’s story is incredibly important to read and published at an important time politically. Guerrero is emotionally honest as she processes her experience of having her parents deported when she was fourteen. Her grief manifested in different ways, from guilt, to anger, to sadness, to perfectionism, and … Continue reading In the Country We Love ~ Diane Guerrero

Fly Girls ~ Keith O’Brien

Rating: 3/5 This history novel mainly follows the story of five brave women and their journeys with flying in the early to mid-1900’s. Included is Amelia Earhart’s story, one of the most famous female pilots to date. Surprisingly, I found their story more interesting than I’d anticipated. O’Brien’s writing style lends itself well to this … Continue reading Fly Girls ~ Keith O’Brien