March Book Two ~ John Lewis

March: Book Two (March, #2)

Rating: 5/5

Lewis picks up where he left off in Book One, and I think this sequel was even more powerful than the first. Lewis’ story ramps up as the protesting gets serious, and a more prestigious cast of characters come to the forefront of the story. Lewis comes across as incredibly genuine in his sharing of his role in the Civil Rights movement.

So much of the content in this story is relevant to today’s political climate. Lewis’ story is like a call to remember that which already seems to be slipping back into the shadows, despite its importance at the front of our moral compasses.¬†Courage is a huge theme of this story, and Lewis and Aydin do an excellent job of infusing this book with the courage of its members.

I really loved this one more than the first. I think I adjusted to the style, and the tempo was much faster in this retelling. So much action, both good and bad fill these pages, and that helped keep my interest.


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