You Can’t Touch My Hair ~ Phoebe Robinson

You Can't Touch My Hair: And Other Things I Still Have to Explain

Rating: 4/5

I’ve always found that comedy is one of the best ways to share one’s political views, as through humor, we as humans are more open to ideas that are not ours. For this reason, I wish I was funnier. Anyway, Phoebe (I’m going to call her Phoebe because I listen to her podcast Two Dope Queens and it feels weird to refer to her as Robinson, not to disrespect her as an author) really shares her voice in this book, her essays being just as funny to read as they are to listen to.

Her essays are mainly on race, gender, and pop culture, and she has some very strong opinions. You might have been able to gather that from the title of this book. That being said, I love almost all of her perspectives, and I really respect her experience. She is very open and honest, both about things she believes and mistakes she has made. I think when people are willing to share their mistakes, that’s when I can tell they are genuine and I’m much more willing to listen to what they have to say. She doesn’t have all the answers, and she might not even pose all the hardships, but she cares about what she’s saying and she’s wanting everyone else to as well.

My favorite essay was on black hair in the media, where she went through and pointed out various hair styles and their impact on American culture. I loved the pictures and I honestly had no idea what society deemed as appropriate/inappropriate other than that my high school continued to say “extreme hair styles” were inappropriate , meaning predominantly that most black hairstyles were unacceptable for school. Seriously, that is still an issue?

My least favorite essay was the one with the letters to Olivia at the end. I kind of get where she’s going, but they seemed to be all over the place, and I wasn’t quite sure what was important in them.

While these essays are on heavy topics, Phoebe keeps them light hearted with her humor. I imagine this would be great on audio, as her voice is so soothing for me on Two Dope Queens! Seriously, go check her out and read this book. She’s got some great things to say.

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