A Dream Called Home ~ Reyna Grande

Expected publication Tuesday October 2nd, 2018!

Image result for a dream called home reyna grande

Rating: 5/5

I’m a sucker for memoirs, but Grande’s memoir is so beautiful and makes me want to read the rest of her body of work immediately! Grande’s writing is vivid, yet feels simple and approachable. It’s clear the amount of effort she put into picking just the right words to convey her message so gracefully, and I’m looking forward to her fiction works.

Grande is an immigrant from a small town called Iguala, Mexico. She moved to the US as a kid, and began to pursue her writing at a young age of 13. Her love of writing helped her get through her tough times, and inspired her to keep pushing for her dreams. This memoir tells her story to become a published author, and culminates in the publication of her first novel. Her family system and friendships are intrinsic to her success as an author, both her motivation and her struggle, so woven throughout are tales of her family and ever developing relationships.

Grande is brave in sharing this story, and I’m grateful that she has made space for her voice in the world of publishing, turning down offers that would have required her to lose part of her voice as an immigrant. Her story is important to hear, and incredibly validating (I would imagine) for immigrants reading it now.

Her story as a single mother is equally inspiring to me, how she was able to continue making hard choices that would allow her to pursue her dreams while maintaining a home for her child. I could not imagine being in her situation, and continuing to have hope that things would be okay. With these experiences, she is able to deconstruct her mother and father’s points of view to help herself understand her own trauma and process why they made the choices they made. She opens herself up to seeking to understand, rather than becoming mired in pain from choices that hurt her when she was growing up. This kind of processing is amazing to see written on the page, and I hope it can help others process their own trauma in a healthy way.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review via NetGalley.


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