The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue ~ Mackenzi Lee

Image result for the gentleman's guide to vice and virtue

Rating: 4/5

I thoroughly enjoyed this light-hearted romp through Europe (no pun intended). Monty, Percy, and Felicity make an excellent cast of characters. Monty has his head stuck in the clouds, his ego clouding his better judgment. His coping skills are poor, and he runs around thinking about how to give himself pleasure from one moment to the next. Percy has some secrets he’s not sharing, and he’s hoping his friend will stop thinking about himself for long enough to listen to Percy’s wants and needs. Felicity always has her nose in a book and seems generally displeased with life, but she too has been harboring secrets. When Monty stumbles upon something that’s worth more than he thinks it is, their choices will lead them into an adventure.

Felicity, Monty, and Percy have character development that goes beyond what I expected. In fact, it’s almost unbelievable, except that they definitely go through life changing situations.

I love the adventure in this book. There are pirates, highwaymen, robberies, and masquerades, all elements of an exciting adventure.

I’m looking forward to the sequel/next adventure, that I was lucky enough to receive as an ARC through the publisher! Look for a review coming up soon, as the book will be published October 2nd.

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