Marriage of a Thousand Lies ~ S J Sindu

Marriage of a Thousand Lies


This novel was delightfully readable, which is a stark contrast between many of the books I’ve been reading lately. I needed something lighter and easier to read as I’m headed into winter with already several inches of snowpack on the ground in Vermont. 

Lucky and her husband Krishna have been married for several years, and their marriage is one of convenience, and poses as a front for their Sri Lankan family members. Both Lucky and Krishna are gay, and their marriage allows them to present a straight front to their family who are will not even talk about gay people. However, Lucky runs into an old flame, Nisha, who is planning her own marriage, only she’s not sure how her arranged marriage will affect her lifestyle. 

The ending of this book was amazing. It was not at all what I expected it to be, and yet it fulfilled each of the character’s needs and desires so beautifully. This book really shows the pain and beauty of living, shows the hardships we go through as humans in finding our way in the world and coming to an understanding with each other. Sindu’s writing style worked well for this novel, and I could tell she loves her characters. They are written with such tenderness and honesty. I really appreciated this book. 

One thought on “Marriage of a Thousand Lies ~ S J Sindu

  1. That sounds like a great premise! I’ve been reading a decent amount of gay-themed fiction lately (mostly lesbians rather than gay men- I’m not sure why) but I’ve never even heard of this book before. Thanks for bringing it to my attention! 🙂


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