Heart Berries ~ Therese Marie Mailhot

Rating: 5/5 Heart Berries is a powerful and vulnerable vehicle for emotional wild fire. Mailhot shares her story told through essays, and the timing for each new piece of information she reveals about her story is so well timed as to hit the core of my emotional well-being. Mailhot has clearly spent time forming this … Continue reading Heart Berries ~ Therese Marie Mailhot

The Rat Tunnels of Isfahan ~ Alejandro de Gutierre

Rating: 2/5 This is a short novella about a man in a desert prison. A red scorpion wanders into his cell, and he is faced with the possibility of imminent death. The red scorpion provides a three day death to anyone unfortunate enough to be struck by his stinger. When faced with a guard who's … Continue reading The Rat Tunnels of Isfahan ~ Alejandro de Gutierre

Living on the Borderlines ~ Melissa Michal

Rating: 4.5/5 This book felt cozy and thought provoking. Full of emotion, Michal has compiled stories that share some Native experiences, from a sensory experience to discovering long lost family. This collection is simple and moving, and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment I spent reading. Short story collections can often be hit or miss, but … Continue reading Living on the Borderlines ~ Melissa Michal