Notes on a Nervous Planet ~ Matt Haig

Rating: 4/5

Notes on a Nervous Planet

This is a group of personal essays about Matt Haig’s live, particularly to do with living with anxiety. He does some research about reasons why people may have anxiety, and attributes a lot of it to the speed with which we live our lives in modern day. It reminded me of the experience I had reading Womanish by Kim McLaren, but was much more focused on just one topic and not as intellectually based. However, this book felt more accessible to read for someone who does not typically read non-fiction.

Haig’s argument and focus was primarily centered around how modern day technology impacts everyone’s anxiety, and how anxiety seems to be more prevalent, due both to awareness about it and the speed at which technology has increased, rapidly changing our lives to the point at which humans have not developed adaptations as quickly as we have developed technological advances. I had been thinking about this a lot recently, and was greatful for the timing in this book being published. I found myself agreeing with his arguments, finding solace in knowing that other people feel the same way that I do that everything about this modern era is rushing by, and the importance in finding enjoyment in small things and slowing down rather than reaching ever higher for bigger and better things that we don’t have. Haig put into words my hesitation at continuing to search for more than what I have here, and reminded me that it’s okay, and perhaps good even, to find enjoyment in what I have now.

The pacing of this book felt very quick, and there were times when I would have liked Haig to delve further into the argument he was presenting. However, the majority of his short essays packed quite a punch into a very small amount of space. I love how he plays with formatting to help with his delivery.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

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