The Bride Test ~ Helen Hoang

The Bride Test (The Kiss Quotient, #2)


This romance novel was funny and delightful, but not without a few annoying plot elements.

Khai’s mother traveled back to Ho Chi Minh City not with the sole purpose of travelling back to her homeland, but also to find Khai a bride. He struggled with relating to women, and is not sure how to move forward in a relationship, not that he really wants a relationship. He has some emotional baggage from his best friend dying ten years prior, and he also struggles with relating to people as he needs specific sensory adaptations due to being on the spectrum.

Khai’s mother meets a young housekeeper named My Tran, who has secrets and past baggage of her own. Khai’s mother offers her the chance of a lifetime, travel to America on an all expenses paid trip for three months of a summer, the only stipulation of which is to meet Khai and try to get him to marry her. While in America, My is free to take classes, work, or anything else she would so long as she attempts to woo Khai.

While in America, My goes by the name Esme. She is easily put off by Khai when he is not able to explain his emotions, although at the same time she is pretty good at listening to him and asking the right questions. I felt like Esme’s character was more well-rounded in the beginning, as we were getting to know her character, and that the further along the book went, the more her reactions seemed unexpected and somewhat irrational based on the information given. I’m not sure if that’s just from a third party perspective or what, but it felt a bit strange as a reader.

Other than those minor details, this book was fun and filled with humor. I enjoyed the plot, and especially loved Esme’s kid. This was a pageturner for sure, and I wanted to keep reading her story. I ended up loving Khai’s brother, especially for his relationship with Khai. He was so supportive and understanding, not just towards Khai but also towards Esme.

I received a copy of this book via the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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