The Stand (Un-Cut Edition) ~ Stephen King

The Stand (Complete and Uncut)

Rating: 1/5

Don’t waste your time! I started this book nearly two years ago and made it over 500 pages before realizing it would not get any better. Stephen King is quite pompous in the introduction in which he attempts to validate publishing an uncut version of this book which is nearly 400 pages longer than the cut edition. Jeezum. The entirety of this book felt completely unnecessary, and overdone in every sense of the word. There are dozens of characters we are introduced to as readers who die within the next five pages. There are dozens more who die within the next 100. Supposedly this is an epic battle between good and evil, but the siren songs felt overdone, the romance felt contrived, there was very little emotional attachment within any of the pages, and the writing felt absurdly prejudiced. I would rather not waste any more of my time discussing how horrible this book ended up being of a reading experience for me. And perhaps some of this is my fault, as I began the reading already believing I would not like a book written by King, but I was not proven wrong yet!

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