The Bird Artist ~ Howard Norman

Rating: 1/5

Full disclosure, I didn’t even get halfway into this book before I decided to put it down. I read nearly 60 pages before realizing I had retained little to no information about the characters, plot, or setting. Also known as the Canadian trilogy, and handed to me by my mother, I had been looking forward to this historical fiction novel.

Upon cracking open this novel, I quickly discover this book begins in 1911 and follows a young boy as he discovers a passion for bird art. He begins writing to a famous bird artist at the time, who sends back notes about his artwork. He meets a girl, who he’s fascinated by, and of course there’s the odd undercurrent of knowing that he has murdered (in future events) the lighthouse keeper. I believe the point of the novel is revealing why the lighthouse keeper was murdered.

However, getting from point a to point b felt absolutely impossible. Countless paragraphs felt completely irrelevant from the start, and I had trouble sifting through the mundane elements to find the intrigue. I am not typically too focused on action scenes, although the lack of action in this book proved to slow the momentum down to the point where I put this book down prior to reading even half the book.

Good luck to all who endeavor to read this novel, and should you find joy within the pages, I would love to hear why.

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