Five Feet Apart ~ Rachael Lippincott

Five Feet Apart

Rating: 4/5

I recently picked this book up on a whim after finding it at my local library in the new section. While this was a quick paced read and fascinating in that I knew absolutely nothing about CF, I also found myself not as involved in the characters as I like to be when reading. Will and Stella both felt rather one dimensional, and their love felt like a Romeo and Juliet story. I recognize that there’s a little more going on here as CF seems to be a very limiting sickness at times, very isolating.

I also understand why Stella falls for him, the bad boy who likes to have fun, and doesn’t let his disease run his life. Typical teenage crush stuff. The book felt really predictable because everything was set up to push them together. Besides being predictable and the characters a little shallow, I enjoyed reading Five Feet Apart. I don’t feel like I need to see the movie after reading the book, though, and I feel like the same could be said the other way around.

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