Kingdom of Ash ~ Sarah J. Maas

Kingdom of Ash (Throne of Glass, #7)

Rating: 5/5

FINALLY I got to read this book and I was not disappointed by the final culmination of the past seven books I had read to get to the end of this series.

Aelin starts the book locked in an iron coffin, the same way she finished the last book. With being locked up yet again, it’s predictable that there are a slew of traumatic emotions that come up for her, as she begins to doubt herself and those closest to her thanks to Maeve’s dark magic at work. Maas handled Aelin’s imprisonment incredibly well, giving her time to work through and process all of her emotions, as well as time to not be ready for what is yet to come. Additionally, those of you who have read this far in the series will know that Aelin has been working her way towards her own fated death, and she’s not quite sure how to cope with it appropriately. She continues to throw herself into plans and schemes, and continues to keep her schemes secret. Fortunately, her friends have no time for her shit and reject being pushed away by her.

I loved the continued development of her friends’ lives. They come together in their search for her, and their quest to find answers that will destroy both Erawan and Maeve. Their families come together across continents and bring with them knowledge that will hopefully lead to the destruction of their enemies.

Lysandra and Evangeline’s story lines are particularly endearing to me. They have both led such hard lives, but they continue to put trust into the people around them. Evangeline especially brings out the good in others, and her crowning moment near the end felt so fulfilling and quite literally warmed my heart. She is a gem, and I’m so glad she was also given time to be afraid, as a young child in the heat of war would be.

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