Stitches ~ David Small

Rating: 5/5 David woke up from an operation which was supposed to be harmless unable to talk. His vocal cord had been removed, and now he finds himself voiceless. Readers are privy to the ways in which his parents' anger manifested, especially towards him. This memoir was scary but revealing. Small's artistic rendition of this … Continue reading Stitches ~ David Small

Gideon the Ninth ~ Tasmyn Muir

Rating: 4/5 Liberty from All the Books raved about this book so much that it simply couldn't live up to the expectations I had set. However, this is truly one of the most original reads I've read in a while. Gideon is an indentured servant of the Ninth House, run by the the necromancer Nonagesimus. … Continue reading Gideon the Ninth ~ Tasmyn Muir