The Flatshare ~ Beth O’Leary

The Flatshare

Rating: 4/5

I was totally captivated by bookstagram when it came to this book. I heard so much about the premise, and it did sound like a fantastic setup for a romance. Two people sharing a bed/flat without ever meeting in real life? Plenty of time to build up tension.

Tiffy and Leon spend a lot of time writing notes to each other, and a lot of time making sure they stay out of each other’s way. Gradually, despite Leon’s girlfriend and Tiffy’s ex, they find themselves growing attracted to the other person via their piles of stuff, Tiffy’s thoughtful baking, and Tiffy’s long notes in which she bares her soul. Basically Leon finds himself having the hots for this person he’s never met before despite his girlfriend. However, O’Leary manages to make this feel much less creepy during the book than I described it in its condensed form.

**spoilers ahead**

Eventually, surprise surprise, Tiffy oversleeps her alarm, Leon comes home early, and they have a surprise shower encounter during which they are both much less clothed than they had anticipated for their first encounter.

From that point on it’s a lovely falling in love story. They do sweet things for each other, they are well liked by each others important people, and of course they would fall for each other. Then comes the dramatic moment of upheaval, followed by the getting back together in a more serious fashion moment. This book is formulaic, but the premise is so fun and I really enjoyed O’Leary’s writing style. The character development is pretty good here, and I especially loved the two getting to know each other via habits and notes, rather than being with the person.

The Flatshare is much more romantic than it is steamy, although there are a few not very detailed sex encounters and nudity throughout the book. If I remember correctly, it was more of a fade to black style read, for those of you who like cozy romances.

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