Light Reads for Spring

The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend ~ Katarina Bivald

The Readers of Broken Wheel is an adorable book about a woman, Sara, who takes a trip from Sweden to Broken Wheel, Iowa, only to find that the friend she was planning to visit had died just the week before. This is about as sad as the story gets, right there at the beginning. From there, Sara falls in love with the town, and starts to uplift the whole place, putting Broken Wheel back on the map, so to say. The town falls in love with her, and the ending is just as sweet as you’d hope it would be.

Tweet Cute ~ Emma Lord

This is a fun YA rom-com where the two main characters work for opposing restaurants, one a mom&pops shop and the other a huge chain. They duke it out over Twitter while slowly falling in love with each other, until they find out the secrets they’ve been holding onto. The ending is delightfully happy.

Somewhere Only We Know ~ Maurene Goo

This is another YA romp that takes place over just a couple days. It’s fun to get to experience freedom through the eyes of a young teenage girl who’s so used to having every experience so regimented. The freedom opens up her eyes to what she’s been missing and makes her feel more herself again.

Nine Perfect Strangers ~ Liane Moriarty

While there are some twists and darker elements at play in this story about nine adults meeting for a wellness retreat, overall this book was light-hearted and quite fast paced. It’s a comedy of everyday people interacting in new ways. It’s a comedy of the routines that become so embedded in us, and our struggles to break our addiction to our habits.

The Unexpected Everything ~ Morgan Matson

This is a book primarily of friendship and summer, and it’s a delightful YA read for someone looking to get their summer started a little early. Her plans fall to pieces when she has to walk dogs, but those disrupted plans help her lighten up a little and learn to take things as they come.

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle ~ Barbara Kingsolver

I loved listening to this food memoir on audio. Kingsolver shares what it was like to live locally with her family for a whole year, with just a few small exceptions. Obviously she has enough money to buy land, animals, and gardening supplies, but other than that, this book is quite a fun journey for people who have not done much farming foraying into an attempt to be more self-sufficient.

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