The Screwtape Letters ~ C.S. Lewis

The Screwtape Letters

Rating: 3/5

Having read Narnia in my childhood, my mom encouraged me to read The Screwtape Letters. I had no idea what it was about, so, as I so often do, I jumped into this book blindly. I was a bit surprised to find it exclusively one way letters from the devil (or perhaps just a demon) to his nephew, a demon trying to corrupt humans.

While this book was inevitably very religious based, some of the questions that came up about ethics and morals in general had me chuckling to myself. Others left me questioning why we behave in certain ways. Are our day-to-day activities because we find meaning in them or to give ourselves structure? Are our love interests our own choices or a product of societal upbringing?

I found the letters rather repetitive and certainly pushing an agenda of a sorts, although creative for their time. Their consistent length, a maximum of three pages, was soothing in a way. I often found trouble maintaining my focus however, and found some of the things touted as negative outdated and unbelievable. I don’t find myself reading many satires, and it was definitely a comical way to deep-dive into ethics and philosophy.

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