The Four Profound Weaves ~ R.B. Lemberg

The Four Profound Weaves

Rating: 2/5

I thought I would like this book in the same way I thought I would like A Wizard of Earthsea. I mean, this is a book written about non-binary and trans characters in a fantasy world where people weave carpets of sand, wind, song, and bones. But when it came down to it, this book was slow, all over the place, and plot driven, three elements that made this book something I can’t recommend.

Lemberg jumps into the novel without explaining, leaving readers to pick up what’s happening along the way. I didn’t mind this approach, and much prefer it to the long drawn out part where authors tend to explain the world, including why their world is unique or different from the Earth we know. However, Lemberg also spends long amounts of time explaining over and over again the differences that this non-binary character faces because they don’t follow gender norms. This continues to be spread out and re-explained in slightly different context. I was mostly bothered by it because it seems the only thing to be fully explained throughout the book, and wouldn’t have minded it if it was explained once and done with, but it is dragged throughout the book.

Why did Uiziya spend so long waiting for her aunt to return and teach her more about the four profound weaves? Why did she not build a loom herself, or explore other weaving that she was interested in? There never felt like any good explanations for these key elements of the book that drove the plot forward.

For a plot driven book, this felt very random. None of the pieces of the plot were expected or really felt like they came together in the end. I’ve heard people rave about this book, and its lyrical prose (which I didn’t find to be lyrical at all), but unfortunately there were too many things that made this book a miss for me

I received this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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