Weather ~ Jenny Offill


Rating: 3/5

This book was incredibly weird. I didn’t understand the plot, but perhaps it wasn’t that concrete anyway. I think this would be a good pick for a book club because there is lots to dissect, and it might be easier to dissect as a group than on your own. I’ve heard wonderful things about Jenny Offill, so I decided to pick this up, and thankfully it’s short or I might not have finished reading it.

I believe it’s a commentary on society, and about how everyone and everything is in crisis all the time and we have very little control. I believe it’s about people with empathy doing their best to help everyone, even though we all know the old saying, “You can’t change anyone but yourself.” I believe it’s about self-discovery and understanding one’s own limitations. But I can’t really be sure because the book is all over the place and the snippets are often so short and interspersed with random tidbits.

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