Nurture ~ Eric Chidi Cohen

Nurture by Erica Chidi Cohen

Rating: 5/5

Little vulnerability here: I want to have kids. Growing up I avoided this feeling and continued to say I never wanted to have kids of my own. How did I avoid this desire? By constantly working with kids, and loving on other people’s kids. However, the switch has really flipped and I’m in full on baby fever mode. I had heard that term and never liked it because I couldn’t understand the compulsion to have kids, I thought it was more of a chill decision making process for everyone. But now I’m in it, and I’m struggling. My partner is not yet ready to have kids, and it’s seriously affecting my emotions. I am all over the place, and I’m trying to be patient, because this flip switch didn’t happen for my partner, and that’s okay.

So reading this book was a little challenging for me, as it’s very much a planning guide for pregnant women and mothers. It seems so helpful, and I can’t wait to purchase it for myself one day when we’re ready to go through the process of pregnancy and childbirth. There are awesome tips for women before they become pregnant, too. Tips on managing your emotions, getting in touch with your feelings as they come up.

Then there are awesome diagrams about breastfeeding, and understanding different techniques for breastfeeding. There are tips about different procedures during childbirth, and questions to pose to doctors and other care providers to help you understand in the moment.

This is an awesome workbook style guide that I could see really helping me when I’m feeling overwhelmed.

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