Ghost ~ Jason Reynolds

Ghost (Track, #1)

Rating: 4/5

This book about a young teen boy who joins a running group after trying to show up their star player was a win for me. He had a very realistic voice from, and Reynolds really shines through. Ghost’s struggles to stay honest felt real. He felt like a good kid who just wanted a few things he couldn’t have, and couldn’t get past them. His feelings around this felt like something kids his age go through often.

Our economy is so heavily based on capitalism that marketing continues to tell us we need more and more to fit in. That’s trickled in through work, schools, and pretty much all other aspects of our lives, to the point where how can we move on except to want things that many of us can’t afford to have. Of course Ghost would want those cool running shoes, to fit in with his teammates. He’s the kind of kid who’s never had two pairs of shoes, especially not specialty shoes.

The side characters were awesome also. They each have their own struggles, but they come together to run track together. They’re like a family, and they learn from each other and teach each other more than I bet a lot of them have learned from teachers or other adults in their life. I love that the continuation of the series is told through their unique perspectives, and can’t wait to keep reading.

The only bad parts was that it felt a bit cliche at times. I knew what was coming. Instead of feeling soothing, knowing the outcome, it felt a little annoying. Other than that, great experience, quick read. I listened to this on audio and the narrator’s voice was both soothing and energizing.

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