The Proposal ~ Jasmine Guillory

The Proposal (The Wedding Date, #2)

Rating: 4/5

The second novel in the “series,” a term that loosely describes the correlation between this group of companion novels to The Wedding Date, was another hit for me. In fact, I’d say I liked this even better than the first. The Proposal has all of the good things I liked in Guillory’s first, but none of the bad.

The opening scene is a Dodgers game, where Nikole Paterson is spending the afternoon with her boyfriend, a white actor with a bun, just the next in a series of short lived boyfriends that Nik dates mostly for the sex. All of a sudden, she’s looking at the Jumobotron as her boyfriend gets down on one knee, proposing after their six month fling in front of a stadium full of people. So begins the next nightmare of her breakup with this guy. Carlos (Drew’s friend from The Wedding Date!) comes to her rescue as she’s bombarded with reporters and camarapeople, and sweeps her out of the stadium with his sister, where they give her a ride.

Romance ensues. The plot is somewhat predictable in terms of once Carlos is in the picture, you know he’s going to be the one. But I really enjoyed the unfolding of their romance.

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