Everything I Never Told You ~ Celeste Ng

Rating: 4/5 This book took my breath away. While not quite as good as Ng's recent novel, Little Fires Everywhere, I took delight in breezing through this novel of family drama, deception, and assumptions. As Jeff O'Neil stated on The Book Riot Podcast about Ng's work, this seems to fall into a suburban noir category. … Continue reading Everything I Never Told You ~ Celeste Ng


Blackfish City ~ Sam J. Miller

Rating: 3/5 Blackfish City reads almost like a grown-up version of The Golden Compass. This odd dystopian novel explores the political climate of an Arctic refugee town called Qanaaq told from five perspectives. Crime and corruption run rampant in this city, and a mysterious orcamancer rides in one day, turning the city on its head … Continue reading Blackfish City ~ Sam J. Miller

Queer: A Graphic History ~ Meg John Barker

Rating: 3/5 This Graphic History is exactly what it sounds, a graphic history on what queer is. I suppose if you don't know much about the queer movement, these bite-sized chunks might appeal to you in gaining a better understanding of queer theory. This history explains lots of terminology and gives insight into many famous … Continue reading Queer: A Graphic History ~ Meg John Barker