American Hippo ~ Sarah Gailey

Available now from Tor! Rating: 5/5 I adore American Hippo. This enchanting rough and tumble alternative history of the South infested by feral hippopotamus, an animal introduced to America as an alternative meat resource which has since run awry, is sure to captivate readers seeking an inclusive Western-feeling caper. The sheer joy I found in … Continue reading American Hippo ~ Sarah Gailey


Nasty Women ~ 404 Ink

Rating:4/5 I loved this collection of essays from women about their experiences of being a woman. Each essay targeted a different part of each woman's identity, and I learned so much. This felt like sitting down for a cup of coffee to have some really intense discussions on what makes being a woman so great … Continue reading Nasty Women ~ 404 Ink

Violent Ends ~ Edited by Shaun Hutchinson

Rating: 5/5 This book is a major heartbreaker, a downer in every sense of the word. But it is also incredibly well written. Violent Ends is an anthology (short story collection) from seventeen points of view about a school shooting. Trigger warning for sexual assault, physical assault, eating disorders, and probably a few other things … Continue reading Violent Ends ~ Edited by Shaun Hutchinson

Sing, Unburied, Sing ~ Jesmyn Ward

Rating: 5/5 This is a deeply moving and deeply depressing read. Ward's descriptions seem to match each character seamlessly. Rather than being written from the outside looking in, Ward's writing feels as though she is inside each character trying to reveal something to the world.The pacing was excellent, I was captivated from the start and … Continue reading Sing, Unburied, Sing ~ Jesmyn Ward