Giant Days Vol. 7 ~ John Allison

Rating: 5/5 Volume 7 just gets better and better. This is perhaps my favorite installment, filled with a great sense of humor and drama between friends. I love that new drama begins to unfold with Daisy's relationship with her girlfriend living in their house. I love that Susan begins secretly sneaking around with McGraw again. … Continue reading Giant Days Vol. 7 ~ John Allison


Saga Vol. 8 by Brian K. Vaughan

Rating: 4/5 While this story no longer feels original 8 volumes in, I find I am continually intrigued by the unfolding of such an epic family drama. Some new and odd elements were introduced, such as invisible monsters, Hazel's newfound connection to the dead, and their emotions run rampant through happiness, grief, shame, and more. … Continue reading Saga Vol. 8 by Brian K. Vaughan

Lumberjanes Vol 1 ~ Noelle Stevenson

Rating: 4/5 This is a quirky science fiction style graphic novel series featuring girl scout campers known as Lumberjanes. Stevenson is the author of Nimona, and she really has a handle on anti-heroes, friendships, and strong female leads, which she continues to show through this series. I can't believe I haven't read these sooner, I … Continue reading Lumberjanes Vol 1 ~ Noelle Stevenson