The End We Start From ~ Megan Hunter

Rating 1.5/5? The main complaints I've heard about this novel are that the writing is too sparse and oddly chunked together. I would have to agree. I found this novel way to void of any descriptions that would attach me in any way to this novel. None of the characters really have names, just a … Continue reading The End We Start From ~ Megan Hunter

Born for Life ~ Julie Watson Date Completed: 3/28/2017 Rating: 6/10 Watson's memoir takes us through midwifery/maternity nursing from the 1970's until early 2000's, and her perspective is full of compassion. Watson is very open with her ignorance throughout the novel, but in opening up her innocence, she shows readers all that she does know about the subject, which is … Continue reading Born for Life ~ Julie Watson

Liberty and Means ~ Kristin Dow

Date Completed: 6/25/2016 Rating: 7/10 Although the story was somewhat predictable, Liberty and Means captured my attention with all of its emotions and different trajectories. I've been finding that many of the contemporary women's fiction books I've been reading have felt very predictable and over the top, a quality i attempt to avoid. The plot … Continue reading Liberty and Means ~ Kristin Dow

Bringing Plaatje Back Home ~ D.S. Matjila and Karen Haire

Date Completed: 5/1/2016 Rating: 8/10 I want to preface this by saying this is a textbook. It is not light reading. That being said, I really enjoyed the information that was presented. I learned a lot about South African culture and the colonialism that happened in the not too distant past. Plaatje proves to be … Continue reading Bringing Plaatje Back Home ~ D.S. Matjila and Karen Haire