Fragile Brilliance ~ Eliot Parker

Date Completed: 5/1 Rating: 2/10 The cover drew me in, and I was intrigued by the first chapter, but I quickly lost interest and enthusiasm when the plot became predictable and the writing choppy and difficult to wade through. Parker hooked me with the gay cop/nurse romance, but unfortunately I didn't find any character development … Continue reading Fragile Brilliance ~ Eliot Parker

Book Blitz ~ Kale’s Paroxysm

  Kale's Paroxysm By Nina Schluntz Genre: M/M Romance               Kale has spent years in a volatile relationship with his ex, Martin. Convinced he will come back, even after a conflict that results in Kale being incarcerated and suspended from his law firm, Kale begins a no-strings- attached relationship … Continue reading Book Blitz ~ Kale’s Paroxysm

Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Patterns & Flowers (Volume 3) ~ Creative Flow Artists

I was a little disappointed with the high volume of patterns and lack of intricate design and flowers. I enjoyed about 10 of the flower designs but would not pay money for this coloring book. Honestly I felt like I could have designed better coloring patterns for myself. It's a good exercise in block coloring, … Continue reading Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Patterns & Flowers (Volume 3) ~ Creative Flow Artists

On the Primitive Way ~ Landon Roussel

Date completed: 1/19/16 Rating: 5.5/10 The general story was quite interesting. He reconnected with his brother through a spiritual journey called the Way in Spain. Their conversations widely ranged in topic, and it was a simple tale. I liked how Roussel interspersed the journey with tales of his brother and their relationship. Semi-autobiographical, partially his … Continue reading On the Primitive Way ~ Landon Roussel