Top 8 Non-Fiction Titles I Read in 2018

Womanish by Kim McLaren is my favorite non-fiction this year, as it hit me just at that nostalgic feeling where you feel motivated to self-examination and creating resolutions for yourself. A collection of essays, McLaren has a powerful and wise voice, and she shares her understanding of the way the world works with readers freely. … Continue reading Top 8 Non-Fiction Titles I Read in 2018


Educated ~ Tara Westover

Rating: 5/5 Westover's story is just incredible. This is one of the highest shock-value memoirs I've ever read, and the most shocking part about it is that her story is true. The way her family system operates is so far from reality, it was a fascinating experience. Westover writes with both emotional closeness and a … Continue reading Educated ~ Tara Westover

She Called Me Woman ~ Azeenarh Mohammed

Rating:3.5/5 This book is a collection of personal narratives from queer Nigerian women. First of all, I want to say I am so impressed with the subject matter. Queer Nigerian women are sharing their stories in this book, and they are not shying away from difficult subject matter. They are sharing their rapes, forced marriages, … Continue reading She Called Me Woman ~ Azeenarh Mohammed