Not Just a Tomboy ~ Caspar Baldwin

Rating: 4/5 Baldwin's memoir is the only book I've read detailing gender dysphoria and transition for a trans man. Baldwin brings up a point I hadn't considered, but that rings true in my experience: trans men are not talked about nearly as often as trans women. When I consider my experiences with media and books, … Continue reading Not Just a Tomboy ~ Caspar Baldwin

Hillbilly Elegy ~ J. D. Vance

Rating: 3/5 I listened to J.D. Vance's memoir on audio. I've been doing a lot more of that since I've been stuck at home due to Covid-19. We've been puzzling, cross-stitching, doing lots of cleaning and extra chores, and hiking as much as we're able. All of these activities are great for audiobooks. I'd heard … Continue reading Hillbilly Elegy ~ J. D. Vance