Calypso ~ David Sedaris

Rating: 3/5 Calypso is a little different than past Sedaris stories I've read. I'm used to him being very sexist, racist, ableist, etc in his misanthropic essay collections, generally focused on strange situations he has found himself in or witnessed. Calypso centers around the beach house he has bought for his family as well as … Continue reading Calypso ~ David Sedaris

In Honor of Jackie Robinson Day

I want to talk about a book I read a few years ago, a graphic novel called 21. 21 is the Story of Roberto Clemente, a graphic biography of a baseball star. Clemente is from Puerto Rico, and his biography shares not only his personal history, but also shares about Puerto Rico's absorption into the … Continue reading In Honor of Jackie Robinson Day

Beyond Trans: Does Gender Matter? ~ Heath Fogg Davis

Rating:4/5 Beyond Trans is a very specific and timely look at gender as a classification and discrimination. Heath Fogg Davis shares personal stories and narrative style research from several people with regards to ways in which their gender identification has limited or inhibited their ability to move through the world. Many of the people involved … Continue reading Beyond Trans: Does Gender Matter? ~ Heath Fogg Davis