Amina’s Voice ~ Hena Khan

Rating: 4/5 A lovely story of a young girl finding her way to singing despite her family biases. She's never been quite comfortable being front and center, and tends to avoid hanging out with the popular girls. She's had the same best friend forever, Soojin, but things are starting to change now that they're in … Continue reading Amina’s Voice ~ Hena Khan

Normal People ~ Sally Rooney

Rating: 4/5 Listening to Normal People on audio was not what I expected. I was drawn in almost immediately by Connell and Marianne's story, and the accent of the narrator, presumably Irish as the story is set in Ireland, kept me hooked. I found chores to do in order to spend more time listening to … Continue reading Normal People ~ Sally Rooney

On a Sunbeam ~ Tillie Walden

Rating: 5/5 Walden's sophomore graphic novel blew me away. A nearly complete departure from her first graphic memoir, Spinning, On a Sunbeam is the story and reflection of Mia, a crew worker on board a spacecraft, cleaning up architectural messes intergalactically. This novel is a sweeping love story, filled with beautiful world-building, graphics, and characters. … Continue reading On a Sunbeam ~ Tillie Walden