Pachinko ~ Min Jin Lee

Rating: 5/5 Pachinko is a phenomenal read, chronicling a Korean family's history as they move from Korea to Japan and beyond. Beginning with Yangjin and Hoonie, Lee follows the family from early 1900s through the late 1900s, showing the successes and failures of the family at large. From the opening line, this book is striking. … Continue reading Pachinko ~ Min Jin Lee


The Girl Who Drank the Moon ~ Kelly Barnhill

Rating: 4/5 The Girl Who Drank the Moon is one of the most intricately detailed books I've read in a while, which surprised me to no end as it is marketed as a Middle Grade book. This fantasy/fiction was beautiful, and filled with fun characters. There is a swamp monster, a perfectly tiny dragon, several … Continue reading The Girl Who Drank the Moon ~ Kelly Barnhill