The Immortalists ~ Chloe Benjamin

Happy Belated Book Birthday to The Immortalists Rating: 4.5/5 Benjamin's novel blew me away. Told in five parts, Benjamin's story is the tale of the Gold's, a modern Jewish family. Four siblings, Varya, Daniel, Klara, and Simon, take a trip to visit the town psychic to discover their death dates. What the four siblings don't … Continue reading The Immortalists ~ Chloe Benjamin


Everything You Came to See ~ Elizabeth Schulte Martin

  expected publication January 23, 2018 Rating: 3/5 This book takes multiple perspectives to tell a story: that of the main character, Henry, his boss, Caleb, and Caleb's wife Adrienne. The story unfolds predominantly through Henry's eyes, as told by him through his scripts for his acts, and in third person narration that gives readers … Continue reading Everything You Came to See ~ Elizabeth Schulte Martin