You’d Be Mine ~ Erin Hahn

Rating: 4/5 I thoroughly enjoyed this romantic drama featuring two teen country singers. I felt as though their passion, drama, and developing interests were relatable and kept the pace of the book moving steadily along. Annie Mathers, our protagonist quickly falls for bad-boy musician Clay. The foreshadowing is heavy handed enough to see where the … Continue reading You’d Be Mine ~ Erin Hahn

Tweet Cute ~ Emma Lord

Rating: 4/5 Tweet Cute is a solid young adult romance novel. There aren't many unexpected twists, it's the kind of book where you see the uncomfortable scenes coming from a mile away and are cringing the entire way up to them, knowing the inevitable before the characters can realize it. This romance has wonderful elements … Continue reading Tweet Cute ~ Emma Lord

I Believe in a Thing Called Love ~ Maureen Goo

Rating: 4/5 Desi has always rejected the K-dramas her dad watches as just silly romance. She's always put more stock in things she can control, lists, good grades, extracurriculars to help her get into a good college. But when she meets a transfer student, a young artist, she wants to try out having a boyfriend, … Continue reading I Believe in a Thing Called Love ~ Maureen Goo

Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows ~ Balli Kaur Jaswall

Rating: 4/5 Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows had a surprising number of elements running through the plot considering what a short novel it was. Nikki, our protagonist, lives in West London, where she works at a pub and wants to explore a career in writing. She has intentionally put distance between herself and her rather … Continue reading Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows ~ Balli Kaur Jaswall