The Five Year Plan ~ Carla Burgess

Rating: 2/5 Orla is a young journalist, living in London at the start of her book. Aiden is a wildlife photographer/activist, and an old flame of hers. When he comes into town and they run into each other at an exhibition for some of his wildlife photography, the past gets dredged up for them both, … Continue reading The Five Year Plan ~ Carla Burgess

On a Sunbeam ~ Tillie Walden

Rating: 5/5 Walden's sophomore graphic novel blew me away. A nearly complete departure from her first graphic memoir, Spinning, On a Sunbeam is the story and reflection of Mia, a crew worker on board a spacecraft, cleaning up architectural messes intergalactically. This novel is a sweeping love story, filled with beautiful world-building, graphics, and characters. … Continue reading On a Sunbeam ~ Tillie Walden

You’d Be Mine ~ Erin Hahn

Rating: 4/5 I thoroughly enjoyed this romantic drama featuring two teen country singers. I felt as though their passion, drama, and developing interests were relatable and kept the pace of the book moving steadily along. Annie Mathers, our protagonist quickly falls for bad-boy musician Clay. The foreshadowing is heavy handed enough to see where the … Continue reading You’d Be Mine ~ Erin Hahn

I Believe in a Thing Called Love ~ Maureen Goo

Rating: 4/5 Desi has always rejected the K-dramas her dad watches as just silly romance. She's always put more stock in things she can control, lists, good grades, extracurriculars to help her get into a good college. But when she meets a transfer student, a young artist, she wants to try out having a boyfriend, … Continue reading I Believe in a Thing Called Love ~ Maureen Goo