The Bride Test ~ Helen Hoang

Rating:3/5 This romance novel was funny and delightful, but not without a few annoying plot elements. Khai's mother traveled back to Ho Chi Minh City not with the sole purpose of travelling back to her homeland, but also to find Khai a bride. He struggled with relating to women, and is not sure how to … Continue reading The Bride Test ~ Helen Hoang


Empire of Storms ~ S. J. Maas

Rating: 5/5 This was by far my favorite in the series. Aelin is such a badass, and the entire cast of characters stole my heart one at a time and then broke it. There was a lot of heartache involved in reading this story, as it feels like one tragedy after another befalls our band … Continue reading Empire of Storms ~ S. J. Maas

Marriage of a Thousand Lies ~ S J Sindu

Rating:4/5 This novel was delightfully readable, which is a stark contrast between many of the books I've been reading lately. I needed something lighter and easier to read as I'm headed into winter with already several inches of snowpack on the ground in Vermont.  Lucky and her husband Krishna have been married for several years, … Continue reading Marriage of a Thousand Lies ~ S J Sindu

Maybe in Another Life ~ Taylor Jenkins Reid

Rating: 4/5 This was an excellent fluff read/rebound book after finishing A Little Life. Reid's concept is awesome, two sides of a coinflip on life. Hannah Martin is a floater, and not quite sure where she wants to be to get comfortable in the world. She keeps moving, changing jobs, changing boyfriends, and doesn't feel … Continue reading Maybe in Another Life ~ Taylor Jenkins Reid