Red Queen ~ Victoria Aveyard

Rating: 4/5 After seeing this book everywhere, I finally decided to pick it up now that the series is either finished or significantly further along. Let me just say, I was a little shocked by how much I enjoyed the story! This is a plot based YA fantasy, heavy on the politics. There's a lot … Continue reading Red Queen ~ Victoria Aveyard

The Gunslinger ~ Stephen King

Rating: 3/5 Stephen King is the only author I know who would write not only and Introduction but also a Foreward for his own book. He seems to me to be obsessed with himself, and with reflecting on his own writing. However, I found both the Introduction and the Foreward to be amusing and insightful, … Continue reading The Gunslinger ~ Stephen King

On a Sunbeam ~ Tillie Walden

Rating: 5/5 Walden's sophomore graphic novel blew me away. A nearly complete departure from her first graphic memoir, Spinning, On a Sunbeam is the story and reflection of Mia, a crew worker on board a spacecraft, cleaning up architectural messes intergalactically. This novel is a sweeping love story, filled with beautiful world-building, graphics, and characters. … Continue reading On a Sunbeam ~ Tillie Walden

Lumberjanes Vol. 4 Out of Time ~ Noelle Stevenson

Rating: 4/5 Volume 4 begins with a blizzard, during which Jen is separated from the rest of the girls. Jen finally gets some play time in this installment, and her character arc is so good! She's really been questioning her role as a camp counselor, and to finally have some questions answered for her is … Continue reading Lumberjanes Vol. 4 Out of Time ~ Noelle Stevenson

Blue Lily, Lily Blue ~ Maggie Stiefvater

Rating: 3/5 This installment in the series takes readers back to some of the more paranormal feeling aspects of the series, a return to the paranormal after Ronan's big fantasy storyline from the previous book. Maura is still disappeared, and the four of them are struggling to find normalcy in their lives while realizing that … Continue reading Blue Lily, Lily Blue ~ Maggie Stiefvater